Why Filters

Thanks to technology, there are numerous ways to increase access to clean drinking water, such as digging wells or using various kinds of filters. Hope Water provides filters instead of digging wells.

  • Providing a filter is more cost-effective. The price to dig a good range from $5,000-$15,000. The cost to buy, send, and install a filter in a community is much less.
  • Filters purify the nearest water source. While wells do provide a closer water source, the water from the well is not always clean and ready to drink.

Let’s Make a Difference Today

We All Need Water

Why Does It Matter…?

“Most people get their water from a river. About 90% of the community drinks unfiltered water. They’re outbreaks of various diseases all the time, where you are cautioned to boil your water before use, the filters will keep families healthy and from getting sick when there’s an outbreak.”