Who We Are

Hope Water has made social responsibility its purpose. When you drink Hope Water and share our story with others, you are partnering with us to provide the hope of clean water to those in need. Our mission is to be a part of the solution to end the world water crisis and, in our effort, become the world’s best and most socially responsible beverage company.

[Pastor Carlos] shared with me that not only is the water in the barrio contaminated, but it also tastes like dirt. After tasting the filtered water for the first time he closed his eyes and shook his head for a moment. He then shared that if he went to the store and bought pure water it would taste just like what he now has in his cup. He used the phrase “muy Rico” after another sip, proclaiming that the water was very rich as if she were tasting a fine wine.

Pastor Carlos and the children of Casa del Rey’s programs in Cristo Rey, Nicaragua will never be the same. Health issues that were once caused by the daily drinking of contaminated water can now be addressed and overcome. Hope Water is the real deal. It is bringing hope through the provision of pure water to children and families in Nicaragua and around the world.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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