Meet The Founder

Hi friends––––I’m Jimmy Thate, the founder of Hope Water.

Whether you accidentally stumbled onto this page, or if you came here seeking more information about Hope Water, 

welcome! The following stories are a snapshot of why I founded Hope Wate


r. My wish is that you realize how easy it is for you to be part of the solution to a global issue.

In college, I was inspired by other passionate individuals and businesses that made quality products and prioritized giving back to local and global communities. I loved the idea of starting a business with a great product that offered ordinary people an opportunity to give back in an extraordinary way.

About that same time, I learned about the water crisis around the world. Two questions came to mind, which would be the catalysts that formed the idea for Hope Water.

First, considering the advanced technology of today, how is it possible that there are still one billion people without access to clean drinking water?

Second, how could I develop a business to help solve this global issue?

In 2012, Hope Water was born from a simple idea. I was going to enter into the marketplace and provide people an opportunity every day to give back in the simplest way possible: purchasing bottled water. The profits from the bottles of water would be used to buy portable water filtration units. I would send these filtration units to villages and communities around the world that lack access to clean drinking water. This way, every person’s decision to buy a bottle of Hope Water would contribute to providing clean drinking water for someone in another country.

My favorite part about Hope Water isn’t securing a new Hope Water carrier (although, that’s a pretty cool feeling, too). It’s the stories I hear from our global partners about how clean drinking water has changed people’s lives.

Changing the World

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One partner in Central America began a feeding program that provided meals to people in a local Nicaragua community. Even though this community now had access to healthy food, the local water source was still contaminated. He shared that within two months of this community receiving a water filter from Hope Water, children were noticeably healthier and the number of children with parasites decreased. Not only do they have great food to eat, but now they also have clean drinking water. That’s what Hope Water is all about.

Here in West Palm Beach, Hope Water has been such a huge success because of the amazing local partners I have (check them out here). By selling bottles of Hope Water, my partners have been able to collectively help over 20,000 people, the majority of that being children. Our projects have taken place all over the world, from Fiji to Thailand, Uganda to Haiti, and more. We’ve been fortunate to work with global organizations that truly believe in the communities that they work in. Hope Water is able to support their continued efforts by providing clean water through filtration units.

I’m just a local guy, trying to do global things. Thanks for taking time to learn about Hope Water. I hope you are inspired to drink something that matters today.